Sofia Regional Prosecutor's Office brought to justice a man for hooliganism and death threat with a gun

24 April 2024

The Sofia Regional Prosecutor's Office brought a 43-year-old man to criminal responsibility for hooliganism and death threat with a gun.

Following a signal about a conflict between two persons, pre-trial proceedings were initiated in the 5th Regional Police Department - Sofia. In the course of the investigation it was established that on 22th April 2024 at about 6.00 pm on the street "Vasil Petleshkov" in the capital, the accused D.S. threatened to kill P.L. by holding a gun on his head. The threat induced reasonable fear in the man.

It was established that the actions of D.S. were indecent, grossly violating public order and expressing blatant disrespect for society, as in addition to having pulled out a gun in a public place, he also stroke blows with his feet and hands on the head and body of P.L. The accused also made numerous abusive remarks about the man, threatening to "smash his head".

The pre-trial proceedings were initiated for offences under Art. 144, paragraph. 3, item 1, in conjunction with paragraph 1 of the Criminal Code and Article 325, paragraph 1 of the Criminal Code. So far in the course of the investigation, witnesses have been interrogated and searches have been carried out at the home of D.S., during which two guns and one cаrbine have been found and seized. A supervising prosecutor has given instructions for the preparation of three expertizes - video-technical, ballistic and forensic.

The accused person was imposed money guarantee for the amount of 5000 BGN.