Academy of the Ministry of Interior - Sofia

27 Secondary Polytechnic School "Acad. G. Karaslavov" - Sofia

Professional experience

01.11.1994  - 26.01.1996 
Inspector for Administrative Activities at the General Directorate of Penitentiary Institutions  

01. 02. 1996 - 18. 02. 2001
Investigator at Sofia District Investigation Service

19.02.2001  - 31.05.2001 
Deputy Head of Regional Prosecutor's Office – Slivnitsa

01.06.2001 - 05.11.2006 
Prosecutor at Sofia District Prosecutor's Office

06.11.2006  - 28.02.2007 
Prosecutor at the Supreme Administrative Prosecutor's Office - Judicial Department  

01.03.2007 - 29.06.2011 
Prosecutor at the Supreme Cassation Prosecutor's Office - Countering Organized Crime Department

Head of the Specialised Prosecutor's Office of Appeal

Deputy Prosecutor General of the Republic of Bulgaria

Director of the National Investigation Service

Second term of office as Director of the National Investigation Service

Elected Acting Prosecutor General of the Republic of Bulgaria by the Prosecutors' College of the Supreme Judicial Council

Additional skills, knowledge and achievements

2002 - 27.05.2005
Completed training course under the PHARE Twinning Project "BG 0203.06" - "Strengthening the institutional capacity of the Prosecution to fight organized crime, economic crime and corruption"

07.07 - 09.07.2004 
Workshop for leaders of the Prosecutor's Office under the programme "Strengthening the Prosecutor's Office of the Republic of Bulgaria"

19.01 - 20.01.2006
Workshop on "Instruments for International Cooperation in Criminal Matters in the European Union"

04.10 - 06.10.2006 
Workshop for trainers "Training of magistrates and officials under the new Criminal Procedure Code"

11.10 - 13.10.2006 
International workshop "Special techniques used in the fight against organized crime and corruption"

11.06 - 15.06.2007 
International Workshop on "Combating Money Laundering and Organized Crime"

14.05 - 24.05.2012 
US State Department , Training on "Combating Organized Crime",  held at the FBI and the Federal Prosecutor's Office

18.06 - 22.06.2012 
US Drug Enforcement Administration, Training on "Money Laundering and Forfeiture of Assets Acquired from Drug Trafficking"

15.10 – 20.10.2012 
Study visit to the Kingdom of Spain, National Court and the Prosecutor's Office for the fight against terrorism and organized crime 

Protocol No. 30/09.10.2002 official gratitude from the Supreme Judicial Council for high professional and moral qualities

By order No. 402/20.02.2009 of the Prosecutor General of the Republic of Bulgaria for exceptional efforts in the fight against organized crime and a significant contribution to the positive conclusions in Fourth report of the European Commission on Cooperation and Verification Mechanism.

By order No. 678/02.03.2012 of the Prosecutor General of the Republic of Belarus for high performance in the work