Sofia City Prosecutor's Office charged K.K. for instigating the murder of former police officer L.I.

27 March 2023

Sofia City Prosecutor's Office brought to justice K.K. for a crime under Article 6 and 9 in conjunction with Article 115 in conjunction with Article 20, paragraph 3 of the Criminal Code, namely for instigating K.I. - the perpetrator, and B.T. - the accomplice, to kill L.I. - a former employee of the Ministry of the Interior.

On 25.03.2022 around 9.20 am in the city of Sofia L.I. was shot twice with a firearm, causing his death.

Sofia City Prosecutor's Office recalls that on 14.04.2022 K.I. was charged for shooting L.I:

K.K. was declared wanted. He is subject to a procedural detention order for up to 72 hours.

B.T. was also brought as an accused in the case for having intentionally facilitated the murder of L.I. as an accomplice.