25 January 2023

Sofia City Prosecutor's Office brought to justice Ex-Executive Director of Invest Bulgarian Agency for a criminal breach of trust


In February 2022, the Supreme Cassation Prosecutor's Office received a signal from a deputy of the "Movement for Rights and Freedoms", claiming that the Bulgarian Citizenship Act, the Foreigners in the Republic of Bulgaria Act, and the Investment Promotion Act, respectively the regulations on their implementation have been violated. According to the signal, the procedures were applied primarily to citizens of the Russian Federation and the People's Republic of China in order to acquire Bulgarian citizenship by naturalization, the so-called "golden passports" giving them the right to reside on the territory of the country and the EU.

By decree of 07.02.2022, a prosecutor at the Specialized Prosecutor’s Office initiated pre-trial proceedings, which, was transferred under the competence of the Sofia City Prosecutor’s Office after adoption of the Law on Amendments and Supplementation of the Judiciary System Act, SG No. 32 of 26.04.2022.

After gathering sufficient evidence according to Art. 219 of the Criminal Procedure Code, on 20.01.2023 an investigator at the National Investigation Service, after a report to the supervising prosecutor in the SCPO, accused St. Ya. for the fact that, in the period from 28.07.2015 to 28.07.2020,  in his capacity as an official, holding a responsible position - Executive Director of IBA, failed to fulfill his official duties, for the purpose of acquiring a benefit for himself or for another. The act has caused significant harmful consequences, undermining the confidence of the society in the proper functioning and implementation of the powers of the Executive and creating distrust in the activities of IBA.

The investigation into the case continues. Wide range of facts and circumstances remain to be clarified and new charges will be brought if sufficient evidence is gathered of other criminal offences and/or the culpability of other persons.