15 April 2021

Sofia District Prosecutor's Office initiated pre-trial proceedings in connection with the prepared medical certificate for the health status of the citizen of Serbia - Zh. M.


Under the guidance and supervision of the Sofia District Prosecutor's Office (SDPO), pre-trial proceedings have been initiated for a crime under Art. 312, par. 1 of the Penal Code - for the fact that on an unspecified date (after April 2, 2021), in the city of Sofia, the Serbian citizen J. M. was provided with a false medical certificate for his health status.

On April 2, 2021, the Sofia City Court (SCC) imposed a detention order against M. "house arrest", as the person subsequently left the address and is currently missing. The order of the Sofia City Court was challenged by the Prosecution.

The described crime under Article 312 of the Penal Code is related to a forensic expertise of M., which should be submitted to the Sofia Court of Appeal. The expertise was appointed by a panel of the Court of Appeals, and was prepared only on the basis of documents, without an examination of M.

In the course of the investigation, all available documentation related to M.'s examinations and tests will be required, records from the medical devices will be attached, witnesses will be questioned, including all doctors and other persons related to the case.  

The actions indicated by the supervising prosecutor will be performed by officers of the Sofia Metropolitan Directorate of Interior, and the investigation will be completed within the time-limit laid down by law.