13 July 2020

Found and seized documents accompanying the burial rubbish near Cherven bryag


In connection with the investigation initiated for participation in an organized criminal group, in which A.B, P.B, the former Minister of Environment and Water K. Zh. are accused and other officials, continue to carry out investigative actions, namely inspection of the crime scene in the town of Cherven bryag, area “Lakata”, in a property where unregulated waste storage was found, for which in the course of the investigation were found to be dangerous ones. They were handed over for storage by a company from the Monbat group to a commercial company that did not have the necessary installations and were buried in the “Lakata” area. The amount found exceeds what has been announced so far. The total amount of hazardous waste that is not subject to further recycling is expected to exceed 180 tons. In the course of the investigation, documents accompanying the buried cargo with the inscription Monbat-Serbia were found and seized. Meanwhile, it was established that part of this hazardous waste was buried in a farm in the village of Ruptsi, municipality Cherven bryag, as the quantity found there is about 100 tons.

Additional inspections are going to be carried out at sites where hazardous waste has been illegally stored, related to the pre-trial proceedings in the village of Ruptsi, municipality of Cherven Bryag, Pleven and Kremikovtsi.